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Changing Channel Name on Youtube just by following these easy steps, you can keep the name as per your wish. Go to your profile in the YouTube app on your phone. Tap the edit icon after selecting “My Channel.” You can edit your channel name here, then click the “Publish” button when finished.

Should I Change My YouTube Channel Name?

Have you ever considered changing the name of your YouTube channel? If this is the case, you are not alone. Many YouTube content creators wonder if they should change the name of their channel. Perhaps you started your channel when you were young and want to start rebranding it. Should you change the name of your channel?

If your current YouTube channel name is difficult to remember or does not correspond to your current content, you should change it. For instance, if your channel name is related to the NFL but you make business and Website Development videos, changing your channel name can help improve your channel’s branding.

It is important to note that changing the name of your channel can have a significant impact. If you have an audience, changing your channel name may cause them to ignore your videos. This is why channel name changes should be done only when absolutely necessary. Channel names must be changed for a reason.

In fact, if you’re going to change the name of your YouTube channel, you should do so in conjunction with a video announcement post and some updated visuals on your social media channels. It’s an excellent way to increase engagement as you make the big change.

The change will have no effect on your YouTube algorithm ranking. The main thing to remember is that verified YouTubers lose their checkmark status when they rebrand. In fact, you’ll have to reapply for verification under your new name. That is the only significant disadvantage to consider when considering a change.

Change the YouTube channel name on the desktop

  1. Sign in to YouTube using your account data. – Sign In
  2. Go to your profile picture and click “Your channel” in the menu.
  3. Once you’ve logged into your YouTube account, click the “Customize Channel” button.
  4. You can edit the design of your channel in the “Customize channel” menu, among other things. For this purpose, the “Layout” and “Branding” sections are available. Click on the third tab “Basic info” to change the channel description and YouTube channel name.
  5. To change the name of your YouTube account, click the pencil icon next to the YouTube channel name and description.
  6. Simply change the contents of the “Description” field to update the channel description.
  7. To finish, click the “Publish” button to confirm changes to the YouTube channel name and description.

Change the YouTube channel name on the Phone

  1. Start the YouTube app by tapping on your profile picture.
  2. Choose “Your channel” to access the menu for customizing your YouTube channel.
  3. Tap “Edit Channel” in the “Your Channel” menu.
  4. Change your YouTube name and, if desired, the channel description.
  5. To finish, click the “Publish” button to confirm changes to the YouTube channel name and description.

The name of your YouTube channel will not change

There is a specific reason why a channel’s name does not change after editing. Fortunately, this issue is simple to resolve.

When your channel name does not change immediately, you should be patient. YouTube can take up to 24 hours to update a channel name. So, if you change your channel name and it doesn’t appear to have changed immediately, wait 24 hours before checking to see if your name has changed.

If your channel name hasn’t been updated after 24 hours, try updating it again. Then, in any browser, open your channel page in an incognito window and check to see if your channel name has been updated. Some things, such as pages, are saved in browsers, and changes are not immediately reflected.

An Important Note For Verified YouTube Channels

Creators with verified YouTube channels should be aware that changing the name of their channel will result in the loss of their checkmark.

This is most likely done to keep YouTube channels from impersonating others.

It would be simple to publish a fake news report and make it appear legitimate if a channel could change its name to “CNN” while maintaining its verified checkmark.

Creators can, however, change the name of their channel and reclaim their checkmarks by reapplying. That may take some time, so weigh the benefits and drawbacks before proceeding with a name change.

Can I Change the Name of My YouTube Channel After Monetization?

“Can I change my YouTube channel name after monetization?” is a frequently asked question about channel names. It’s a good question because you don’t want to lose your ability to monetize your videos with Google AdSense if you change the name of your channel. But will this cause problem?

When your YouTube channel is part of the YouTube Partner Program and is monetized, changing the name will not cause any problems. Even if you change your channel name shortly after it has been approved for monetization, you will not face any problems.

How to change YouTube channel URL

  1. To begin, log in to the channel for which you want to change the URL. Click on your user tab at the top right of YouTube and then on YouTube Studio.
  2. The menu is on the left side of the screen; select Customization and then Basic Info.
  3. Navigate to the Channel URL section and select Create a custom URL for your channel.
  4. To personalize it, you have your username, which the application suggests, and you can add letters and numbers to make it completely unique.
  5. Finally, click ‘Publish’ and then ‘Confirm’ to get your personalized URL.

The steps are the same for the mobile version, but you will need to download YouTube Studio for your mobile device.

Requirements to change YouTube URL

Isn’t it simple? You should be aware, however, that you must meet certain requirements in order to have your own personalized URL.

They are simple to meet, so don’t be concerned; with hard work, you will meet them in no time:

  • Have at least 100 subscribers.
  • You must be at least 30 days old.
  • Have a profile picture uploaded.
  • Have a banner image uploaded.

By changing the URL of your YouTube channel, you will be able to:

Create a more elegant channel address with no numbers and randomly placed lowercase and uppercase letters.

Create an easier-to-remember URL, such as and your channel name.

It’s so simple that you shouldn’t pass up the chance to make a change. In fact, you can do it from your computer as well as from your mobile device using the YouTube app for Android and iPhone.

Best Practices for Choosing a Catchy YouTube Channel Name

The first step in setting up a successful YouTube presence is naming your channel.

How to change your channel name (if you already have one), and the difference between a channel name and a channel URL.

The name you choose to represent your brand on YouTube is known as a YouTube channel name. It appears on your YouTube channel page, in YouTube search results, and below your videos. A channel name can be translated into different languages and is different from your channel URL.

Choose a name that accurately represents your Brand.

Your channel name should be consistent with your brand. This is the most important consideration. Your brand can be a company name, your personal name, your stage name,’ or something related to your niche.

Use the same name across all your social media profiles

The second tip I have for you is to be consistent on social media. It’s always a good idea to use the same name on all of your social media accounts and websites.

So, before you choose a name for your YouTube channel, make sure it’s available on major social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

If the name you want is available on YouTube but already taken on other networks, it’s best to come up with something that is available on all channels to avoid confusing your brand with other brands or people.

Even if you do not intend to expand your web presence, it is highly recommended that you secure a domain name that is the same as the name of your upcoming YouTube channel. This will protect your brand from imposters and spammers.

You can use a domain name checker to see if a domain name is available and register it before creating a YouTube channel and other social media profiles.

Your name should be distinct, brief, and memorable.

As previously stated, selecting a distinct name is critical. Uniqueness will help users find your channel when searching on Google or YouTube, and it is an important factor in building brand awareness for your channel.

Before making a decision, the best way to see if your chosen name is unique is to conduct a thorough search on YouTube and Google.

Aside from having a unique name, it’s also important to choose something short (3 words or less) and easy to remember.

If you decide to use a brand name rather than your own name, combining your channel’s topic with catchy words will help make your channel name memorable.

Choose a name that complies with the YouTube community guidelines.

YouTube has a set of community guidelines that cover everything that happens on the site (content, users, comments, and so on), including channel names.

To avoid any problems, avoid using someone else’s brand name in your channel name, and avoid using any offensive words.

Choose an easy-to-pronounce name and avoid using numbers.

Finally, choose a name that is simple to pronounce and spell. As your channel grows in popularity, other YouTubers may mention it in their videos, and you want something that is simple to say or mention in writing.

Avoid using numbers as well. In most cases, using numbers in a YouTube channel name makes it appear spammy, autogenerated, and difficult to remember.

Keep it simple

That’s just sound advice. It shouldn’t take long to explain the name of your YouTube channel.

Indeed, it should be simple to spell and even simpler to remember. With all of that advice in mind, you still want to find a handle that can be shared without being misunderstood. Avoiding words like “favorite,” which are spelled differently in different English-speaking countries, is one example. You will have the most effective marketing this way.

Find Great YouTube Channel Name Ideas

Using YouTube search is one of the best ways to come up with ideas for naming your YouTube channel.

Go to YouTube and start searching for whatever comes to mind, paying attention to how other people name their channels. What channel names pique your interest, and why? When deciding on a name, try to follow the same patterns.

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