How to create Youtube channel in 2023 Quick Steps

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How to create Youtube channel YouTube is the world’s largest video sharing firm, which was bought by Google in 2006. Today people can learn for entertainment or something, so must watch videos on YouTube. You will find YouTube app in every smartphone user’s mobile.

Today YouTube is no longer just a platform for entertainment or knowledge enhancement. Rather, it has also become a means of earning money. Today people are earning millions in the month of having videos on YouTube. If you also have special knowledge or any special talent in any field. So you too can earn money by making and uploading videos for YouTube.

But to upload your video on YouTube you must have a YouTube channel. You do not know how to create a channel on YouTube. So sorry learn how to create your channel on YouTube.

YouTube is a huge video sharing platform. Crores of videos are uploaded here every day. Whatever video you watch on youtube. Those videos are uploaded on some YouTube channel only. On each YouTube channel, you get to see videos related to a particular Niche i.e. category (eg: Technology, Comedy, Education, Vlog etc.).

On YouTube, a user gets to watch videos related to their interest. So they like, comment, share that video. And the channel through which that video has been uploaded. So further subscribe to the same YouTube channel to watch such videos. This is called youtube channel. You can create YouTube channel for free.

If you are making a channel on YouTube, then a question must have come in your mind that what should be the name of the YouTube channel. Because the name of your channel can become a brand later. That’s why keep the name of your YouTube channel carefully. While making the name of the YouTube channel, keep in mind some of the points mentioned here.

1. Your YouTube channel can later become a brand. So try to keep your channel name short and unique.

2. You are going to upload videos related to any Niche on your YouTube channel. Keep in mind that the name of the channel should be similar to that Niche ie Category.

3. The name of your channel should be easy to remember, and your viewers can easily search that name on YouTube.

4. Note that whatever you are naming your channel. No channel should already exist on YouTube with that name. So that on searching that name on YouTube, only your channel comes in the top.

5. If you are having trouble finding a unique name for the channel, then you can create a unique name by combining words similar to your Niche.

Keeping these points in mind, you can keep a good name for your YouTube channel. Which will further help in Seo and brand building of your channel. Now you must have understood, how to name the YouTube channel.

Things needed to create a YouTube Channel

If you want to create a YouTube channel, then you should also know about the necessary things before creating a YouTube channel so that when you are sitting to create a YouTube channel, you do not face any kind of problem. Let us now know what are the things that have to be completed to create a YouTube channel?

Whose information is given through the point below.

  • To create a YouTube channel, first of all you must have a Gmail ID because it is impossible to
  • create a YouTube channel without a Gmail ID.
  • You must have an internet capable smartphone or computer.
  • You have to select the unique and short name of your channel.
  • You must have an alternate Gmail ID.
  • You must have a permanent mobile number.

So here I am going to tell you how to create any youtube channel. By following it step by step, you can learn Laptop, Computer (PC) and Mobile Se Youtube Channel Kaise Banaye.

You will need a YouTube ID to create a YouTube channel. You can create a new YouTube account by reading this article “How to create YouTube ID”. After this, follow these steps to create a YouTube channel.

Changing Channel Name on Youtube Updated 2023

1. First search in the browser. (If you are making YouTube channel from mobile, then first enable Desktop Site mode in the browser)

2. Now login to YouTube by entering YouTube id and password by clicking on the SIGN IN button on the right side of the YouTube website.

3. After this, click on the profile photo on the right side. Now you will get many options. Click on Create a channel in it.

4. Now the name of your Gmail id will be automatically filled in your YouTube Channel Name here. If you want, you can create a channel with the same name, otherwise remove it and enter a unique channel name.

5. After this upload the logo of the channel by clicking on UPLOAD PICTURE above, and now click on CREATE CHANNEL.

To customize after creating a YouTube channel, click on Your Channel by clicking on your YouTube channel photo in the browser, and now customize these things here by clicking on “CUSTOMIZE CHANNEL”.

1. Logo

Make a nice logo for your youtube channel and upload it on your channel. Create a logo that matches the Niche of your channel. You will find many apps on playstore for creating logos. You can also create a cool logo in Pixellab.

2. Channel Art

Whenever a viewer likes your video on YouTube, he/she visits your YouTube Channel. In which he sees your Channel Art ie Banner.

3. About Us

Describe your channel well in the About Us section of the YouTube channel. Tell about your channel in description, like :- What type of videos will be found on your channel, who you are etc.

4. Social Media Links

You must put a link to your social media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, website, etc. in your channel’s About us and YouTube Videos, so that your audience can stay connected with you on these Social Media Platforms as well.

5. Channel Intro and Outro

Make sure to put Intro and Outro in your channel’s videos. This makes your video look very professional. Intro which is shown at the beginning of any of your videos. Which is of a few seconds. It should have people, name and light music of your channel.

6. YouTube Playlist

Add YouTube channel videos to it by creating a playlist according to its category. So that your audience can easily watch Series videos in the playlist.

7. YouTube Channel Verify

Only then people will click on your video in YouTube search result or YouTube Recommend. When the thumbnail of your video will be attractive and to apply Thumbnail, first you have to Verify your YouTube channel with mobile number.

Important tips to become a successful YouTuber

To become a successful YouTube creator, you must follow some essential tips so that you can achieve success on YouTube and make a career here, so let’s know what are the best tips to become a successful YouTube creator?

Whose information is given in detail below.

  • Whenever you make your YouTube video, then you must add the intro and outtro of your YouTube channel.
  • You keep uploading your videos on YouTube regularly from time to time and maintain consistency only then you will get success here.
  • Never give wrong information to your audios, otherwise that audio of yours will not come again on your channel and will give wrong feedback.
  • Understand the requirement of your YouTube audio and make the video accordingly so that there is a good harmony between you and your audios.
  • You must subscribe to the channel in each of your YouTube videos, so if any audios are watching your videos, then definitely subscribe to your channel.

Benefits of making YouTube Channel

There are many advantages of creating a YouTube channel and here we are going to tell you about some of those advantages, which are explained through the points below.

  • By creating a YouTube channel, you can earn money from it as well as create your popularity among other people and you can also become a famous creator.
  • Along with working as a cricketer on your YouTube channel, you can also manage all the necessary work in your home and by staying at home, you can easily work on your YouTube channel according to your schedule.
  • Everyday we keep doing some content research to upload videos on our YouTube and our knowledge also increases on this.
  • When you have more and more audience on YouTube, then you can earn money in many ways with the help of those audience and you can make money by diverting your audience in many other places, not only on YouTube.


Q. When does the YouTube channel get monetized?
Your YouTube channel will be monetized only when you have 1,000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch hours.

Q. When does money come from youtube channel?
Money will come from YouTube channel only when there is advertisement on your YouTube channel and if you have $100 in your account then it will reach you in your account by 22 – 26 of every month.

Youtube channel terms and conditions

I have found that many people’s YouTube channel is created, but later it also gets deleted due to some mistakes. Whereas some people’s adsense gets disabled. I think the main reason for this is not following Youtube’s Guidelines properly.

So let’s know about some such guidelines which must be taken care of.

  •  Never upload someone else’s videos, otherwise you may get copyright strike.
  •  Never promote any kind of Nudity or sexual content, nor should it be used.
  •  Your videos should not hurt anyone’s religion or caste.
  •  Always follow all the guidelines of YouTube properly.


Q. Does it cost any money to create a YouTube channel?
Not at all, you do not need to invest any money to create a YouTube channel, here you can create your channel for free and upload videos for free.

Q. How much money can be earned from YouTube?
There is no limit to earn money from YouTube, that is, the better you do and the more views you get, the more you can earn from YouTube.

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